Hollow Steel Door
Maximum Security
Hollow STEEL Door
  • excellent for high traffic areas, control rooms, and cells
  • UL classified: fire rated
  • the toughest door in the industry (but priced less than you'd expect)
  • insulated for sound and temperature
  • 10 gauge steel face plates
  • 3/16" internal stiffeners
  • available in a variety of painted finishes or galvanized
  • similarly constructed door available without UL rating


A Woven Rod Maximum Security Wall or Door
  • provides prison personnel safety by restricting contraband passage and inmate reach
  • total versatility - use Maxi-Grid in walls, ceilings, doors, cell fronts, storage areas, room dividers, personnel gates, vehicle gates, window guards, and as vents or HVAC grilles
  • 1/4" and 3/8" diameter rods typically available with 2" or 4" spacing
  • available in a variety of painted finishes or galvanized

  • provides high visibility and maximum protection
  • 7/8" double-ribbed round bar interlocking with 2 1/4" x 3/8" flat bar
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